IT Consulting / Networking

At CCS, we believe an organization’s networking needs should be addressed in the context of an overall strategic plan as opposed to a series of individual and independent transactions. This ensures that various upgrades will fit within the overall plan, be complementary to each other and still be within the organization’s budgetary realities. Our goal as Systems Integrators is to ensure that your Local Area Network (LAN) addresses your business needs and delivers effective solutions for your organization.

CCS staff consists of experienced Microsoft Certified System Engineers and a host of people who specialize in many areas including: Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows XP, and all of Windows Previous Operating System (OS) Platforms. Our objective is to provide high-quality support for networks and keeping response time to a minimum.

We offer multiple infrastructure solutions based on Microsoft’s suite of server and desktop products. These solutions are designed to assist with a wide variety of business needs — from simple workshops to examining technical issues, to full project management. Our engineers hold top certifications and possess in-depth knowledge that comes years of implementing successful projects.

As a CCS customer, you can expect…

  • Leading Edge Technology

We feel it’s our job to keep up with latest technology, so you can concentrate on the things that make your businesses succeed. We spend a lot of time on research, continuing education and working with new software and conventions to make your systems work better. It’s well-known that technology moves at lightning speed and our team is continually learning new systems, methods, and best practices in all areas. Each of us has specialties and we strive to be the best at them.

  • Increased Productivity and Revenues for your Business

Your success is our success. We want your business to thrive and grow. We will create the system that best fits your business and your budget. We strive for robust, reliable systems with low learning curves and minimal disruption for you and your staff.

  •  Customer Relationships

We like to say that we work with the people who work with computers. We look for long-term relationships with our customers. We’re very proud of the fact that we’ve worked with companies for our entire 15+ years in business. We’ve watched them grow and helped them become more productive and profitable.

Corporate Values

Your success is our success! From sales to the research and development of customized software, our team takes personal responsibility for creating a first-rate system for your organization.